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ASKA; What more can we possibly say regarding this perennial favorite "underground" band that hasn't been touted already from rooftops across the electrified globe? For the uninitiated: ASKA was born during the nascent alternative/grunge movement of the early 90's and eschewed the popular fad in favor of playing metal music - their way.

Sounding like the full-grown offspring of a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden union, ASKA showcase a thundering rhythm section, guitarists that can actually play solos, a singer with a 5-octave range and the band's true secret weapon; its songs. With topics that delve beyond the standard metal fare and bring thought provoking images of war, lost love, lament, psychopathy, religion, history and much more to the surface, their lyrical subject matter sets them well apart from the "I love metal & the devil" pack that many identify with the genre.

From the first release to their fifth, the band has embarked on a variety of world tours that would be the envy of better established acts and its netted them notoriety, credibility, four indie record company contracts, radio play, television appearances, endorsement deals and 40+ countries notched on their belts to date and counting. ASKA's last two releases, the critically acclaimed "Avenger" and the hot-selling, now-in-its-5th pressing, "Absolute Power", garnered unanimous praise and adoration globally and have been consistently ranked among the best contemporary albums in metal. In fact, they've been so well received within the music community at large that legendary metal bands, OMEN, BANSHEE, CLOVEN HOOF & YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's ex-bassist/brother-in-law, Mick Cervino, offered singer/guitarist, George Call, a position as their lead vocalist. ASKA has also performed at some of the biggest festivals around the planet including Rocklahoma, Keep It True!, SwordBrothers, Nightmare Metal, Warriors of Metal, Pathfinder and more and have been seen both onstage and off in the company of the some of the most revered artists in the genre.

Now, as the band unleashes its sixth release, 'Fire Eater', ASKA seems poised to join the great hall of champions and take their rightful place among the new defenders of the metal faith.

ASKA is comprised of :

George Call (vocals/guitar), Dave Harvey (bass/vocals), Bryant Contreras (guitar) and Danny White (drums).